A Holistic Philosophy

Body, Mind and SpiritThe body and mind are part of an integrated whole.

These two aspects of us are inseparable and interdependent and should be treated simultaneously.

We possess an innate, natural healing force.

This healing force can be enhanced and supported with natural treatments like acupuncture and herbal medicine.

It is essential to address both outward symptoms and their underlying cause.

By addressing both we can alleviate your symptoms and help ensure that they are less likely to reoccur.

Treatments are more effective when they are tailored to the individual.

Treatments are much more effective when they take into account your specific presentation as well as your unique genetics.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

It is much more effective to promote and maintain health than it is to treat disease.

Giving care is just as important as having good technical and diagnostic skills.

Care is the most essential component of all good medicine.

Natural TreatmentsTreatments and therapies that are non-invasive and low-risk should be used first.

More is not necessarily better. Safe and gentle treatments that encourage and assist your innate healing powers are often the most effective and long-lasting.

Symptoms may be part of the body's healing strategy and are not always pathological.

Symptoms reflect your body's instinctive attempts to return to health and balance, strategies that can be very successful at times.  Suppressing or neutralizing them is not always the most effective course of action.

An educated patient is an empowered patient.

Understanding the underlying causes of your condition empowers you to participate in your healing process. For example, making smaller, deeper shifts in things like diet and lifestyle can result in dramatic shifts in your health, especially over time.

Healing is always possible, even when a cure is not.

This is the basis of palliative and managed care: treatments that focus on managing symptoms or slowing their progression.  In these types of cases, periodic treatments can be very effective in improving quality of life, even with advanced or chronic conditions.
We Are All Unique
"Felt very comfortable with Dr. Nancy. She listens and tries to solve the puzzle with clues you give her with your symptoms. Just had my first appointment and look forward to next one. She is very gentle and explains everything. Appreciate that she gives you oils to try for your problem and there is no extra charge." ~Susan W.
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