Acupuncture Needles

acupuncture needle

About the Needles

Acupuncture needles are quite unlike the medical syringes that most of us are familiar with. Syringes are thick and hollow with cutting edges. Acupuncture needles are thin and solid, finely machined for a smooth surface and round tip, and are never used to inject or withdraw anything. They are as thin as whiskers, more like a small wire, and are used primarily to tap into the flow of chi in the body. They are so thin, in fact, that it is difficult to simply put them in without bending. Because of this, they come with what is called a "guide tube," sort of like a small straw that stabilizes them. The acupuncture needles I use are made of surgical-grade stainless steel, come prepackaged in sterile packets, and are used only once and then disposed of in a medical sharps container.
Acupuncture Needle and Guide Tube

Complementary Therapies that Enhance Acupuncture

Chinese medicine is so much more than just acupuncture. As a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, I am also trained in different types of traditional therapies that can enhance the effects of acupuncture, helping you get better faster, giving me the ability to address a wide range of diverse conditions. Acupuncture is the fundamental therapy upon which all of my treatments are built, but my toolbox also includes Chinese herbal medicine, 5-element nutrition, ba guan (cupping), tui na (Chinese medical massage), zhi ya (acupressure), chi nei tsang (internal organ massage), gua sha (massage with jade and horn tools), and topical herbal formulas for pain. If your condition would benefit from any of these traditional techniques they are included at no extra charge. Please click here for more information about my combination treatments.
"My health was in a horrible place because of eczema and nerve pain. My distrust of western doctors was reinforced by a horrible ER visit that provided 0 answers and a terrible interaction with the nurses. That visit drove me to look for alternatives; I ended up at Dr. Hyton's office. Her holistic recommendation included herbs, dietary changes, and a series of visits for acupuncture sessions. I am a version of myself I never thought I would see again. So grateful for this practice." ~J. Sclotter
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