Causes of Disease

Hereditary Conditions

Hereditary conditions are passed on to us genetically from our parents. Issues can also arise even if our parents are generally healthy but are suffering from an illness at the time of conception, or if our mother experiences major shock, illness, or trauma during pregnancy.

Emotional Imbalances

Emotional imbalances, especially if they are long-standing, can eventually compromise the functioning of our internal organs, leading to physical symptoms and more systemic patterns of disease.


More than just excessive physical exertion, this refers to the tendency of some people to consistently work long hours every day without allowing for periods of rest, a process that can slowly deplete us both physically and emotionally.

Improper Diet

Some common dietary imbalances include excesses of raw, spicy, fatty, or processed foods, and eating too much or not enough. Habits like eating too fast, eating while standing or working, eating at irregular times, or eating late in the evening can also cause issues.

Environmental Factors

Exposure to extremes of temperature and weather can have major effects on us and can even be life-threatening. Environmental factors like allergens, chemicals, pollution, and radiation can also be causes of disease and illness.


These include infectious microorganisms like viruses and bacteria as well as other "pathogens" like poor quality foods, allergens, and extremes of weather.

Physical Trauma

Trauma can cause pain and scarring, disrupt circulation, and injure the internal organs.  Even beneficial procedures like surgery can do this. Trauma can also have a lasting effect on our emotions, like in Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.


Pharmaceutical drugs have many well-known side effects and tend to interact with each other and with other medicinal substances like herbs. Recreational drugs can also have side effects, even milder ones, especially with long-term use.

Imbalanced Sexual Activity

What is correct for each individual depends a lot on their age and health.  Signs of excessive sexual activity include lower back pain, dizziness, fatigue, and poor memory or concentration. Lack of sexual activity is mainly an issue when there is a sexual desire present. When this desire is unfulfilled it tends to affect the heart, causing emotional issues like anxiety and depression.
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