Integrative Treatments

Chinese medicine is so much more than just acupuncture. I am also trained in herbal medicine, 5-element nutrition, and different types of traditional hands-on techniques. I find that these complementary therapies can enhance the effects of acupuncture, helping you get better faster, giving me the ability to address a wide range of diverse conditions. If any of these therapies would be beneficial for your condition, I will include them with your session at no extra charge. My toolbox includes:


  • This fundamental therapy helps get your chi flowing properly, improves the functioning of your internal organs, and balances emotions.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

  • I carry dozens of classic Chinese herbal formulas, available in a convenient pill form.

5-Element Nutrition

  • Classic Chinese dietary therapy considers both your condition and constitution to help improve a wide variety of issues.

Ba Guan: Fire Cupping

  • I do traditional fire cupping and specialize in moving cupping, with glide provided by Chinese herbal oils, liniments, and salves.

Tui Na: Chinese Medical Massage

  • This type of massage is similar to deep tissue massage and is used in conjunction with Chinese herbal oils, liniments, and salves.

Zhi Ya: Acupressure

  • With this technique manual pressure is applied to the acupuncture points. It often includes the use of Chinese herbal oils, liniments, and salves.

Chi Nei Tsang: Internal Organ Massage

  • Another specialized massage technique that focuses specifically on improving the functioning of the internal organs.

Gua Sha: Massage with Jade and Horn Tools

  • This traditional technique for pain utilizes specialized massage tools along with Chinese herbal oils, liniments, and salves.

Topical Herbal Formulas for Pain

  • I carry many different types of Chinese herbal oils, liniments, salves, plasters, and compresses that can help with pain.
Branches of Chinese Medicine
"As a physician who does a lot of "hands on" manual medicine, I recognize somebody with a "good pair of hands". Nancy has that gift. She's taken me from being in daily pain with severe fatigue and a chronically catabolic state back to healing & growth. Very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. I never fail to feel better walking out her door than I did walking in." ~Dr. RJ
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