The Earth Archetype: A Bountiful Garden

The Earth Personality Type

The metaphor for this archetype is Earth's bounty - the garden. Like a garden, earth people are generous, nurturing, and love to take care of others; they are also compassionate and empathetic, so they often go into fields like environmental conservation or healing professions like medicine. However, their desire to be needed by others can cause them to give too much of themselves, leading to depletion, or get them into unhealthy codependent relationships. Just as a healthy garden is harmonious, they are natural mediators that excel at helping others settle disputes and negotiate disagreements, but when out of balance can worry way too much about what might come to be. Since the earth is the solid foundation that underlies everything, by nature earth people are grounded, calm, reliable, and practical.

Earth Archetype

Emotion, Body Type, and Seasonal Associations

The predominant emotional quality of earth people is pensiveness, making them both great thinkers and chronic worriers. Mentally they are thorough and methodical, though they are just as likely to get caught in obsessive circular loops, processing things over and over in their mind with no resolution. As for their body type, they are round and thick like the earth with full faces, curvy hips, thick thighs, and well-developed muscles, and their skin tone tends to run sallow. The season of the earth archetype is late summer when the garden is peaking and the largest harvest of the year takes place. Because of this, earth people are often enthusiastic gardeners who love to grow their own food.

How to Balance the Earth Archetype

Like soil, earth people can store a lot of dampness so they are susceptible to accumulations of phlegm, fluids, and adipose tissue, leading to conditions like chronic congestion, cysts, and weight gain. The organs associated with the earth element are the digestive organs so they are predisposed to conditions like heartburn, diarrhea, and blood sugar imbalances. To stay balanced, earth people need to learn how to have healthy boundaries and say no so they don't become depleted from helping others too much. Since they are grounded and replenished by the earth, it is beneficial to make time to get out in nature. As for diet, it is best to avoid excesses of refined and simple carbohydrates, replacing them with naturally sweet foods like whole grains and starchy vegetables. Foods high in carotenes are excellent for this archetype, such as yellow squash, sweet potato, and carrot.
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