The Water Archetype: A Winding River

The Water Personality Type

To understand water, think of the metaphor of a winding river meandering across the landscape. Like water, these types are especially adept at going with the flow, able to determine the best path through or around an obstacle. When depleted, though, they can stagnate and lose this ability, just like how water pools in a river as it dries out. Water people are also powerfully motivated and can forge ahead like a rushing river to get things done when needed. On the other hand, they can be quite strong-willed,  determined to do what they want even when others are cautioning them against it with good reason.

Water Archetype

Emotion, Body Type, and Seasonal Associations

Just as "still waters run deep," mentally water people are naturally philosophical and wise beyond their years. When imbalanced, though, they tend to be illogically fearful, timid, or indecisive, even when no real danger exists. Water types have round faces, darker complexions, dark hair, long torsos, and tend to hold their weight in their large abdomens. If they are out of balance it can manifest physically as dark rings under their large, soft eyes. The season of the water archetype is winter, a natural time of solitude and hibernation, meaning that they are naturally both introspective and prone to too much self-isolation.

How to Balance the Water Archetype

The main organs associated with the water archetype include the kidney, bladder, and reproductive organs, meaning that an imbalance here can show up as things like kidney stones, edema, chronic bladder infections, or fertility issues. To maintain balance, water people should make an effort to get out and be social, stay properly hydrated, and watch their energy reserves so they don't get exhausted. Their perfect foods include watery soups and stews, especially in the winter when they should avoid cold and/or raw foods like salads. Ocean foods are the most nourishing for water people, especially things like seaweed, oysters, and deep ocean fish, and black foods are considered to be specific tonifiers for this archetype, like black beans, black sesame, and blackberries.
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