Treatment Principles

Aim for balance.
Disperse blockages to open flow.
Release and unwind constrictions.
Transform pathological feedback loops into healthy ones.
Nourish and replenish when there is depletion and exhaustion.
Calm anger, anxiety, depression, fear, grief, stress, and worry.
Boost and move energy when there is stagnation and accumulation.
Harmonize the functioning of the internal organs when they are out of sync.
Japanese Garden
Treat the physical and emotional person together because they are inseparable.
Cool systems that are overheated, warm systems that are under-functioning.
Preserve and maintain health with mindfulness and preventive care.
Address the underlying cause as well as the outward symptoms.
Work with the body to stimulate the natural healing processes.
Center when unbalanced, anchor when ungrounded.
Redirect the energy if it is going the wrong way.
Release pathogens and imbalanced emotions.
Rest and relax to replenish energy reserves.
"Nancy Hyton is perceptive, insightful and has been able to help both me and my wife with issues for which conventional medicine was either insufficient or simply inadequate. The combination of skills she has using acupuncture in combination with Chinese herbal medicines have had a positive effect in our sense of health and well-being. I feel fortunate to have found her and highly recommend Ms. Hyton to anyone looking for a perceptive, capable and caring professional." ~Russ C.
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