Unexpected Benefits of Acupuncture


1. Try Something New

In life, it is always good to be open to new experiences. Being flexible and adaptive is an important part of what it means to embrace life. Acupuncture is a good way to try something new, something that is based on a unique theory and offers a unique way of treating health conditions. Because of this, it can often help when other treatments have not.

2.  Get Some Rest

Unfortunately, despite its healing and rejuvenating powers, our culture puts very little value in rest. Even though it is incredibly important, most of us even feel guilty when we rest. Since acupuncture requires you to stop and do nothing, it gives you the perfect opportunity to rest and relax.

3. Time for Yourself

Acupuncture gives you an entire hour just for yourself without any demands whatsoever. A peaceful, restful hour all your own. When was the last time you had that?

4. Receive Care from Others

Many of us care for others so much, either at our jobs or at home, that our health can suffer. Acupuncture gives us a way to reverse this process, receiving care so that we can be strong for others without becoming depleted.

5.  Tap Your Capacity for Change

Acupuncture can help you tap your capacity for change and transformation. This idea is at the crux of treatment for all chronic diseases in Chinese medicine: transform the imbalanced process into a balanced one. 

6. Pause for a Moment

In our culture we are always going, going, going, Acupuncture requires you to pause and take a moment to simply be. Instead of always being caught up in being busy, giving ourselves time to pause allows us to step back and think about things in a more objective way.

7.  Clear Your Head

Have you ever meditated? People who do often compare the experience of acupuncture to that of meditation, like you are awake but your brain is off. Acupuncture can help you empty your head, turning off the constant chatter so that you can think clearly once again.

8.  Open Yourself to New Ideas

Acupuncture thinks about health and healing in some very unique and interesting ways. For example, the mind and body are considered to be one inseparable whole. Or, that there are just 5 systems, with corresponding organs, tissues, colors, smells, emotions, and senses.

9. Learn to Trust the Process

Instead of simply managing superficial symptoms, acupuncture aims to shift the underlying imbalanced process that is causing them. This is more involved than symptomatic treatment but has a more lasting effect. In our society of instant gratification, acupuncture can teach you how to trust this shift, allowing it to unfold organically and happen at its own pace.
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