10 Reasons Why Your Neck and Shoulders Hurt

Acupuncture Points of the of the Neck

1. Stress: Over time stress can cause tension to build up in the body, especially in the tissues of the neck and shoulders. Because of this, we call the acupuncture points in this area of the body "accumulation points."
2. Stationary Activities: Spending long hours in a fixed position doing activities like driving or working on the computer can cause our tissues to become rigid and fixed.
3. Not Moving Enough: In general, sitting around a lot is just as bad as spending long hours doing stationary activities. Lack of movement causes the chi and blood to stagnate.
4. Dehydration: Dry muscles are stiff muscles. More than denser tissues like bones, muscles are spongy and rely on fluids for movement and elasticity.
5. Injuries: Unfortunately, even minor injuries cause irreversible damage to our bodies. Nothing quite lines up right again, interfering with the transmission of nerve impulses, blood circulation, and the flow of chi.
6. Exposure to Cold: Cold contracts tissues, making them tighter. Bracing against the cold by hunching our shoulders up can make us stiff and achy.
7. Poor Posture: Tissues get pulled and stretched unnaturally when things get out of alignment. This strain can cause pain but will also make the tissues less flexible and, therefore, more prone to injury.
8. Overuse: Without adequate time for recovery and repair, repetitive stress activities like sports can cause chronic pain and inflammation.
9. Holding Things In: Keeping things in, especially things we feel compelled to express, can cause both energetic blockages and actual physical constraint in the body.
10. Aging Process: As we age our body generally gets stiffer and drier. This is why it is so important to start young and make a habit out of exercise and adequate hydration throughout your whole life.
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