10 Simple Ways to Boost Your Chi

The most direct translation of chi would be “lifeforce.” Chi is an ancient Daoist concept that refers to the primary force that forms, connects, and powers everything in existence. It is what enables you and everything else to go, move, change, shift, and transform. It flows through everything, including us, traveling within our bodies along established pathways called channels or meridians. These channels form very early in our development, before the organs and anatomical structures, and are the energetic blueprint upon which everything else is laid.

Chi Pathways of the Body

1. Eat fresh foods to replenish your chi.

Unlike foods that have been frozen, dried, canned, jarred, and processed, fresh foods contain an abundance of chi.

2. Go to sleep by 11 pm to renew your chi.

Your chief organ of detoxification, the liver, does its most important work between 11 pm and 1 am, cleansing your blood of impurities.

3. Exercise to move your chi.

Chi is a lot like water; you want to keep it flowing. Moderate exercises that use your full body are best: swimming, walking, tai chi, dancing, bicycling.

4. Stretch to open the flow of chi.

Stretching opens the channels, reversing stagnation and allowing your chi to flow more smoothly. It also releases tension, which can block chi.

5. Get 8 hours of sleep per night to refresh your chi.

Getting a full night’s sleep allows adequate time to fully recharge. In the winter when we hibernate more, 9 is even better.

6. Do something creative to stimulate your chi.

Whether it’s cooking, making art, or making music, by tapping into the creative forces of the universe you are tapping into chi.

7. Get your hands in the dirt to ground your chi.

The earth is a reserve for chi so direct contact with it can replenish your own. Standing or walking barefoot works, too.

8. Breathe deeply to absorb air chi.

Full breaths help your lungs better extract chi from the air, giving you more energy. Aerobic exercise has a similar effect.

9. Chill out to conserve your chi.

It is important to maintain reserves of chi in case you are faced with a serious illness, so allow yourself time to rest.

10. Take herbs to tonify your chi.

Tonics are herbs that help nourish, support, build and fortify. Chi tonic herbs include Asian ginseng, astragalus, Siberian ginseng, and licorice.
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