Fall Health: A Chinese Medicine Perspective

As the sun descends lower and lower and the weather starts to cool, we enter fall, the season of harvest. Just as our physical work over the past few months has resulted in an abundance of fresh produce, what we channel our intentions and mental energy into comes to fruition over time as well. Like trees dropping their leaves, fall is an excellent time for us to complete projects and emotionally let things go. As the plants die back to their roots in preparation for winter's long rest, we also begin the process of energy conservation and consolidation. We naturally begin to reduce outdoor activities and turn inward, spending more time at home doing contemplative activities like reading and writing.

Fall Leaves
Equinox = Balance: how can you create more balance in your life?
Organ = Lung: strengthen your lungs with some cardio or deep breathing exercises.
Phase = Gathering: follow nature’s lead by consolidating your energy and scaling back.
Climate = Dry: hydrate and humidify to maintain the protective coating in your lungs.
Color = White: build your seasonal immunity with white herbs like astragalus and garlic.
Quality = Harvest: celebrate peak harvest bounty at one of our many farmer's markets.
Taste = Pungent: eat pungent foods like hot peppers to thin mucus and open the lungs and sinuses.
Sense = Smell: savor the aromas of leaves and the last flowers of summer.
Emotion = Grief: just as the trees let go of their leaves, this is the time for us to shed tears.
Element = Metal: the nature of metal is to create structure and conduct energy.
"Nancy has gone above and beyond care for my very special situation in mobility challenges. I receive cupping from her for my neurological condition and she is quite intuitive and effective, allowing vastly more movement and reduction of pain. She communicates her process well and can rephrase well when I don't quite understand - and that means almost more than the treatment to me. Highly recommended. She's a great part of my care team." ~Oso Wallman
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