Summer Health: A Chinese Medicine Perspective

As the summer solstice approaches the sun gets higher and higher in the sky and the weather gets hotter and drier. Stimulated by the abundant solar energy we become more physically active, travel more, and require less sleep so we stay up later. This is the season of the fire element, the most yang of all the elements. Fire is the energy that makes us warm-blooded creatures and gives us emotional warmth, joy, and enthusiasm. Fire also fuels growth and maturation, especially for the plants, with the yang sunshine stimulating the plants to grow tall and the fruits and vegetables to ripen..

Four Seasons
Element = Fire: soak up the sunshine, make time for lots of outdoor activities.
Organ = Heart: work your cardiovascular system with some vigorous exercise.
Direction = Up: the sun rises higher, we stay up later, more solar energy means we need less sleep.
Climate = Heat: replenish cooling yin with water and electrolytes to avoid overheating.
Color = Red: eat fresh, red fruits like strawberries, raspberries, and watermelon to stay cool.
Quality = Ripening: cultivate your garden, fruits and vegetables start to ripen.
Taste = Bitter: cool your core temperature with bitter green tea and bitter, raw greens.
Sense = Taste: savor the fresh foods of the summer harvest, taste the chi.
Emotion = Joy: go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather, do something spontaneous and fun!
"My health was in a horrible place because of eczema and nerve pain. My distrust of western doctors was reinforced by a horrible ER visit that provided 0 answers and a terrible interaction with the nurses. That visit drove me to look for alternatives; I ended up at Dr. Hyton's office. Her holistic recommendation included herbs, dietary changes, and a series of visits for acupuncture sessions. I am a version of myself I never thought I would see again. So grateful for this practice." ~J. Sclotter
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