Yintang: the Most Requested Acupuncture Point


Most acupuncture points have more than one indication. Yintang is no exception. Like all acupuncture points, it is valuable for treating local conditions such as frontal headaches. It also benefits the nose so it can help with congestion, nasal discharge, sinus pain, and seasonal allergies. The main reason it is requested by so many of my patients, however, is because of its positive effect on the emotions. This point is located where we furrow our brow when we are angry, worried, scared, or anxious. Needling this point is an excellent way to release these emotions. I also find that this point can empty the mind, stopping the incessant chatter so we can think clearly once again. I use this point a lot in my practice, especially for stress, anxiety, and sinus issues.

The location of this point has interesting indications in other systems of health as well, both ancient and modern. It corresponds to the third eye, a metaphoric sensory organ in Hinduism and Buddhism that opens as our consciousness expands and we approach enlightenment. It is also the location of the brow chakra, the 6th of 7 major energy vortexes that exist in our bodies, which specifically relates to inner guidance, mental clarity, and intuition. Even in western medicine, this is an anatomically important place where the pineal gland senses changes in natural light. There is a hollow sinus cavity directly behind it that allows light to come through. As light decreases in the evening, the pineal gland is stimulated to secrete the hormone melatonin, which makes us sleepy. As the sun comes up and light increases, the pineal gland stops producing this hormone and we wake up. I always find these types of intersections across systems to be so fascinating, don't you?

"I've been seeing Nancy Hyton for over two years and the care I receive is wonderful. Nancy has worked with me to relieve anxiety, stress, and anger. She is compassionate, listens, offers additional therapies (Chinese herbs, acupressure), and advises as needed or as asked. Nancy's work has a significant impact on my health and well-being. Her office space and treatment rooms are very soothing and I can relax and unwind completely. I have recommended and will continue to recommend her work." ~Kathleen L.
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