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60 Minute Sessions for $85
3 Sessions for $225 (save $30)
Packages may be shared with family and friends and never expire.
Seniors 65+: $65 per Session

As a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, I specialize in a variety of traditional techniques. Acupuncture is the fundamental therapy upon which all of my treatments are built, but my toolbox also includes Chinese herbal medicine, 5-element nutrition, ba guan (cupping), tui na (Chinese medical massage), zhi ya (acupressure), chi nei tsang (internal organ massage), gua sha (massage with jade and horn tools), and topical herbal formulas for pain. If your condition would benefit from any of these additional techniques, they are included at no extra charge. 



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"As a physician who does a lot of "hands on" manual medicine, I recognize somebody with a "good pair of hands". Nancy has that gift. She's taken me from being in daily pain with severe fatigue and a chronically catabolic state back to healing & growth. Very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. I never fail to feel better walking out her door than I did walking in." ~Dr. RJ
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Friday 9:30 to 12:00
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