Pain of All Types

Acupuncture for Pain

Acupuncture Can Help With All Types of Pain

In Chinese medicine, pain is primarily seen as a block in the flow of chi in the channels. Acupuncture can unblock this flow, reduce swelling and inflammation, release tight muscles, calm the nervous system, promote circulation, increase range of motion, and reduce pain. It can even decrease or eliminate the need for prescription pain medications and help you avoid surgery. Acupuncture can help with acute or chronic pain as well as numbness, tingling, and nerve pain.

What I Treat

I commonly treat tension headaches, migraines, TMJ, trigeminal neuralgia, strains, sprains, plantar fasciitis, tendinitis, menstrual pain, Fibromyalgia Syndrome, Post-Herpetic Pain, sciatica, abdominal pain, arthritis, sports injuries, carpal tunnel, post-operative pain, nerve pain, whiplash, and pain of the lower back, neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, hips, and ankles. Treating pain is about a third of my practice and is one of the greatest strengths of acupuncture.

Acupuncture for Chronic Pain Management

For those who have chronic pain due to injury or other cases where a cure is not possible, acupuncture can be an excellent supportive therapy to help manage these types of conditions. Some combine acupuncture with other types of mainstream or alternative therapies, while others prefer to do acupuncture exclusively. Some come in only when things flare up, while others find it beneficial to schedule more regular treatments to keep symptoms in check. In any case, acupuncture can be a very gentle and non-invasive way for patients with chronic pain to avoid surgery and prescription painkillers while keeping symptoms under control.

Complementary, Supportive Therapies that Enhance Acupuncture

Chinese medicine is so much more than just acupuncture. I am also trained in herbal medicine, 5-element nutrition, and many types of traditional hands-on techniques. I find that these complementary therapies can help enhance the effects of acupuncture. For example, I carry traditional herbal formulas for lower back pain, migraines, and menstrual pain that can help address your symptoms from the inside out. Nutritional adjustments can be beneficial as well, especially for things like internal organ pain, such as Gall Bladder pain due to sludge or stones. I also find that hands-on techniques like cupping and gua shan can be very effective in many different types of pain. Acupuncture is the fundamental therapy upon which all of my treatments are built, but my toolbox also includes Chinese herbal medicine, 5-element nutrition, ba guan (cupping), tui na (Chinese medical massage), zhi ya (acupressure), chi nei tsang (internal organ massage), gua sha (massage with jade and horn tools), and topical herbal formulas for pain. If your condition would benefit from any of these traditional techniques they are included at no extra charge. Please click here for more information about my combination treatments.
"While at an appointment for back issues, the subject of a nation of sleep deprived came up. I shared I was sleep deprived - my brain does not slow down to enter a deep sleep. Nancy said there was a treatment to declutter. WOW is an understatement! Thank you Nancy - I feel wonderful! I noticed the difference immediately and still feel great! What a blessing you are to your patients. I should have mentioned this ailment a year ago:-)" ~Rita D.
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