Respiratory Conditions


Wei-Chi = Defensive Chi

Acupuncture Can Build Immunity and Eliminate Pathogens

In Chinese medicine, colds and allergies are called "wind invasions," caused by air-born irritants like microbes and pollen. A special type of chi called wei-chi circulates on the outer layers of our body, fortifying and protecting us against these invasions. Symptoms occur when either the pathogen is strong, overwhelming our defenses, or when our wei-chi is too weak to keep them out. The main treatment principles in these cases are to strengthen the wei-chi and eliminate the pathogen.

Acupuncture Point for Opening Sinuses

Acupuncture Can Ease Symptoms and Boost Chi

Many acupuncture points are beneficial for immunity. Some treat specific symptoms, like the points on the side of the nose which are excellent for sinus congestion. Other points that may be used include those located on the lung channels on the arms, including ones that boost immunity, stop coughs, and clear infections. There are even points that can help your body eliminate pathogens by inducing a sweat. As we all know, when we are sick and we break a sweat, symptoms like fever typically resolve, signaling the beginning of the recovery phase.

What I Treat

I have treated many different types of immune conditions such as seasonal allergies, asthma, sinusitis, rhinitis, chronic congestion, colds, flu, sinus and respiratory infections, chronic coughs, and low immunity. Many people don't think of acupuncture for these sorts of conditions, especially when it comes to acute infections like the common cold, but it is a very effective treatment.

Complementary, Supportive Therapies that Enhance Acupuncture

Chinese medicine is so much more than just acupuncture. I am also trained in herbal medicine, 5-element nutrition, and different types of traditional hands-on techniques. I find that these complementary therapies can help enhance the effects of acupuncture. For example, there are formulas for allergies, congestion, cough, sore throats, respiratory infections, and low immunity that can help address your symptoms from the inside out. Sometimes nutritional adjustments can help, for example, if there is chronic congestion. Hands-on techniques are beneficial as well, like using acupressure to help open the sinuses, or tui na techniques to loosen phlegm lodged in the lungs. Acupuncture is the fundamental therapy upon which all of my treatments are built, but my toolbox also includes Chinese herbal medicine, 5-element nutrition, ba guan (cupping), tui na (Chinese medical massage), zhi ya (acupressure), chi nei tsang (internal organ massage), gua sha (massage with jade and horn tools), and topical herbal formulas for pain. If your condition would benefit from any of these traditional techniques they are included at no extra charge.Please click here for more information about my acupuncture treatments.
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